Baby Teeth Come, Then Baby Teeth Go

When do baby teeth come in?

Baby teeth typically begin to erupt at about six months of age. All of your child’s baby teeth should be erupted by the time they are 2 to 2 ½ years old. Remember that every child is different in terms of timing of tooth eruption – so don’t fret if your child is teething early or late!

Here is a helpful diagram that demonstrates when each tooth erupts and then when each baby tooth may become loose so you can call the tooth fairy!

When do baby teeth come in?

When do baby teeth come in?

Typically by age 12, your child may have lost all of their baby teeth. Again, if your child seems to be loosing their baby teeth faster or slower than their friends, don’t worry. There is a wide age range when children can loose their baby teeth.

How Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

As the adult teeth grow and develop underneath the baby teeth, they resorb the roots of the baby tooth, leaving it loose for you to wiggle out. Occasionally, the adult teeth can erupt behind or beside the baby teeth not allowing proper root resoption. In these cases, your pediatric dentist may need to assist in wiggling out the baby tooth to allow proper eruption of the adult tooth.

How do baby teeth fall out?

How do baby teeth fall out?

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  • onio

    January 2, 2013, 5:30 am

    my daughter is 5years old she has just developed permanent teeth behind her baby teeth and i am worried what can i do now and when is it likely that is going to fall off on its own, that is how many days , months, years.thanks

    • Dr. Liz

      January 2, 2013, 1:49 pm

      Good question! The best thing to do is check to see if the baby teeth (front row) are loose. If they are, keep trying to wiggle them out so that the permanent teeth can continue to erupt in the correct location. If the baby teeth are not loose after the permanent teeth begin to erupt, you may need to visit the dentist and they may need to be extracted to allow for proper eruption of the adult teeth. Your child’s dentist is the best person to help make sure everything develops properly.

      Sometimes your child will appear to have two rows of teeth, like a shark. Here are some tips for that situation.

      Good luck, and get ready for a visit from the tooth fairy!

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