Special Smiles Was a Huge Success!

Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed in the Special Olympics this past weekend at The University of Richmond! What an honor it was to watch them take the fields, courts, and pool to fulfill their dreams and show off their amazing talents. More than 1,200 Special Olympics athletes have swam, bowled, lifted, ran, batted and volleyed. They’ve danced on the floor of the Robins Center. Hundreds of medals…

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Visiting the Dentist with an Autistic Child

Going to the dentist can be hard for many children, but especially difficult for children with autism spectrum disorder. Autistic children and their families are frequently confronted with many challenges in creating and maintaining good dental health – including difficulty with changes in routine, restricted diets, sensitivity to certain sounds and lights, and limitations on manual dexterity leading to difficulty brushing. Children with autism may also have cognitive delays which…

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Special Smiles

On June 12th 2010, our office participated in the Special Olympics held at St. Christopher’s School here in Richmond, Virginia. We supported the athletes by participating in the Special Smiles program and provided oral health exams and oral health instruction in between sporting events.

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