The Truth About Chewing Gum

You’re at the grocery store and at the check-out counter your child asks you for a candy bar. You promptly say no, and then they ask you if they can get a pack of chewing gum instead. A few questions cross your mind. Is chewing gum okay for children? How will it affect his/her teeth? It has to be better than a piece of candy or chocolate bar, right? Clinical…

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Fluoride in Richmond’s Water Supply

An update to our recent post on the risks and benefits of fluoride in city drinking water. My mom has always said, “Everything is better in moderation.” This statement holds true for just about everything, including the amount of fluoride your child needs to make their teeth healthy and strong. There have been a lot of news stories published in health journals and the local media (watch Dr. Liz on…

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February Coloring Contest – Win Cool Prizes!

Did you know that February is National Children’s Dental Health Month? Despite its long name, it’s a great opportunity for dentists and parents to share information about taking better care of our children’s teeth. Brushing and flossing are not the most fun topics so we found a way to make it a little more entertaining. The 2011 Coloring Contest is Here! Want to have a little fun and a chance to…

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Dr. Liz on Fluorosis

Update 3.22.11: We’ve posted more information about the City of Richmond’s decision to lower the fluoride levels in city water. Dr. Liz was interviewed by Richmond’s Channel 8 News (WRIC) for a segment on the EPA’s decision to lower the recommended amount of fluoride in community water supplies. Here’s the video: About Fluorosis Fluorosis is a condition caused by too much fluoride in a child’s diet. In mild cases, it…

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What’s the Best Toothpaste for Children?

If you read our last post, you’ve got the right toothbrush for your child. Now, which toothpaste should your child use? The right toothpaste is essential to improving your oral hygiene routine. Toothpastes can come in pastes or gels, and contain agents to whiten teeth, help reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and sensitivity. So which one is right for you and your children? ADA Seal of Approval The most…

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Dental Sealants: Safety and Effectiveness

What are Dental Sealants? Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings placed over the chewing surfaces of back teeth to protect them from food. When left alone, plaque can build up and eventually cause tooth decay. Sealants are usually applied in one quick visit to the dentist. When a dentist places a sealant, the tooth is first cleaned, conditioned, and then a liquid sealant is hardened with a curing light.

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