Toothbrushes for Tots Helps Children in Jamaica

Have you ever been so inspired by somebody else’s mission that you feel compelled to contribute to their cause?

Our office was contacted by Morgan P., a Richmond native and Girl Scout Gold Award candidate with an urge and a calling to help improve the dental health of children not only in Richmond, but in impoverished nations as well. You can read her full letter here (PDF).

Morgan’s goals are simple: collect donated dental supplies and distribute them (and dental health care training) to children in Montego Bay, Jamaica and under-served areas in Richmond.

I am going to distribute dental supplies to people that need it most in our community and an orphanage in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Our staff were able to find A LOT of surplus dental supplies around the office that we hope will help her achieve her goals. It makes us feel GOOD and we love that Morgan is taking steps to improve the quality of life for children that may not have access to high quality dental care in their community.

We were able to contribute:

  • 144 dental floss units
  • 50 tubes of toothpaste
  • 432 toothbrushes

Sometimes we take health care access for granted, especially when there’s a dental office on nearly every corner in Richmond. It’s easy to forget that there are millions of children worldwide that need our help to receive even the most basic levels of care.

Good luck Morgan!


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